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Originals and Reproductions

Most of my original oil paintings are for sale and below you can find the title and prices as they are displayed in the Art gallery page. The prices of the original paintings varies in accordance to the size and complexity of the subject itself and it includes its own frame. To buy a painting or if you would like to place your offer on the painting you are interested in, please write me by email to discuss in details; once everything is fixed I will send you a paypal payment request and after the receipt of the payment,  the painting will be shipped by a professional courier directly to your address. The costs of the shipment and packing are all included in the price. I hope they will find very soon a suitable home to be displayed permanently. 

I paint on request too, and not only oriental style, but also regular art like portraits, landscapes, copies of the old masters, modern conceptual art for decorating your house etc.. so if you always had a dream to get a special painting, please contact me and submit your desire! I will be happy to satisfy your request.

All my paintings are available for high resolution reproductions on extra fine cotton canvas, with either a matte or glossy final varnish as you wish. The effect on canvas is very beautiful and very accurate, color fidelity is 100% as the original one and lasting forever. The cost for the reproduction, same size of the original is 180 euros plus 20 euros for worldwide shipment. On the top of this page you can find a paypal button to order your reproduction. Please specify the title of the copy you want in the paypal message and the details of the shipping address. After the payment is completed I will provide to send immediately your canvas by door to door professional courier. Here enclosed you will find the measurement and title of each painting. It is also possible to order a smaller size reproduction, maintaining anyway the same proportions. 

Once you order the reproduction via paypal, it will take approximately 10 days to apply a warnish if requested, let it dry and then ship.

Oil Paintings sizes and prices:

1- Golden meditation: 100x70 cm - original for sale 

2- Enchanted morning: 77x52 cm - original for sale at 3,500 euros

3- Yavat Vraja28x37 cm - original Sold

4- Radha at Surya-kunda50x90 cm - original for sale at 2,400 euros

5- Krishna dancing with peacocks: 70x85 cm - original for sale at 4,500 euros

6- Stealing the flute: 65x85 cm - original for sale at 2,800 euros 

7- Sannyasi Thakura sees a Vaishnava: 50x70 cm - original for sale at 800,00 euros

8- Radhika portrait (Gita Govinda): 30x40 cm - original for sale at 900,00 euros

9- Lotus beauty: 70x70 cm - original for sale at 2,200 euros

10- Song of the bumblebee60x90 cm - original for sale at 2,800 euros

11- Moonlight Nityanada: 100x70 cm -  original for sale at 3,000 euros

12- Over the Yamuna: 135x100 cm - original for sale at 4,000 euros

13- The awakening (Nisanta-lila): 110x60 cm - original for sale at 5,000 euros