In this page i would like to upload some recordings of my music practice and classes of this wonderful but extremely difficult instrument, the Sarasvati Veena, also known as the National instrument representing India. In the Vedas is written that only 3 instruments are capable of conveying spiritual bliss (bhakti-rasa): the venu (flute), the mridanga (percussions) and the veena (stringed melody instrument). Sarasvati Devi is the goddess of knowledge, arts, and learning; she sings the vedic hymns/mantras by playing this instrument. The great sage and mahatma called Narada Muni is also a very famous example of divine veena player and musician, inspiring and charming all the universe with his musical meditation. The ultimate and most expert composers and rasikas are: Krishna who always plays the flute, and Radha who is expert in all 64 arts and is the best veena player.


SONG: Vanajakshiro, Adi taal

Here the first veena class i am uploading. Varnams are part of the classical music training to learn to play properly and get confidence over the instrument. Varna means colors, so in sound too there are many shades and colors, in form of the notes variations, creativity and subtle sounds. Here the maestro RK Padmanabha, is teaching very advanced techniques, and i am trying my level best to repeat.

This is a separation song, the meaning is: ''O lotus eyed lady! (Vanajakshiro) I cannot stand this separation (ee Viraham). Please fetch along the son of Vasudeva (Krishna).Go and get him. Please listen to me, He is the king of beauty who dwells in the place of the hill (srinivasa/venkatesa or Govardhana in Vraja). Unendurable desire is consuming me.

Pallavi: vanajaksiro ee viraha morvana vasudevuni thodi deve 
Anupallavi: vinave nagapuramuna velayu saundara rajuni 
Caranam: nilupa rani mohamaye