Contemporary Art

Here you can find the modern/abstract side of my artistic expression. I experimented many materials and forms; here a few samples of commissioned works carved on stone for a private villa in south Italy. The Pietra leccese is a good way to practice sculpting on stone, because it is very soft and delicate compared to marble or granites. Here the client specifically asked for voluptuous figures merging well into the olive trees scenery. 

The intermediate pictures were made for a competition in China to create a big sized sculpture for the youth olympic garden. The name of the metal disk is Sky door and the second is Spring Tree and both were well received by the art committee.

The last pictures are my 'Floating sculptures' created by the use of magnets and  LED basements, the small sculpture in the center literally floating without touching the basement. They were displayed in a collettive art exibition in Milan and was a creation never seen before; here it is nicely described by Fortunato D'Amico:

''Invisible, abstract, apparently inconsistent, energy is hidden in the voids and contrasts the full. It can be as attractive as a magnet, repulsive like a tornado or the atomic bomb of Hiroshima. When you are able to dominate, it becomes high power projected to infinity.

Science applies it to technological research, and consciousness studies potency to reach the highest peaks of spirituality.

The art of Premanandi Russo explores the meanders of the technique to discover masked truths behind the appearance. We are not substance, we are potency.''