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About the artist

I was born in Firenze (Florence) near the house of Leonardo da Vinci in the world famous Tuscany shire, and I think this event transmitted me the artistic interest, the creativity and ability since my childhood. At the same time I used to regularly travel to India with my family and there I met my master Sri Srimad BV Narayana Gosvami Maharaja in Mathura establishing a very close and ever-lasting relation with him. He inspired me the ancient vedic literature where i get inspiration for my paintings. The combination of this factors has given a huge impact on my art and its inner meanings and in all the aspects of my life as well. In 2009 I graduated in sculpture course at the Fine Arts Accademia Albertina University of Torino and the studies helped me a lot regarding contemporary art language and exibitions, new visual installation arts and graphic design, but my ideas and talents on the canvas come exclusively from a lot of personal dedication and training in my own art studio. At this regard I searched for the ancient techniques used by the immortal masters of the Italian Renaissance, their use of colors, preparation of the canvas/board, mediums, and have got lot of help from this research found in old books. From time to time I will share all this in my blog!

I partecipated in a series of collective exhibitions together with 8 artists, and we all displayed the oriental Vedic Art to a large audience. Especially in the last two years my oil paintings reached all the main italian cities such as Milan, Rome, Naples, Bologna, Torino, Padova. This Collective Vedic Art Exhibition was seen by approximately a total of 2 millions people. Everybody was fascinated and speechless about it! Here a small clip of the inauguration day, in september 2015!

I am currently working on two more oriental style paintings, now I am in the process of painting Nisanta-lila: The Awakening (as you can see in this picture), and a big painting of Mathura Royal palace in the night and Yamuna river on the background.